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At Ezile Bay, the cuisine is mixed, meaning that it draws the best from local products and multiple influences and the inspiration of the day. The cuisine here rhymes with season, market day and according to the “catch of the day” from Akwidaa, Ketakor or Cape three Points.

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Would you like a fresh fish or a grilled lobster to enjoy on the beach? Or even, the choice is vast, salads of all kinds, rillettes accompanied by spicy fruit chutney, fish lasagna, varied vegetable salads or even coconut milk curry from our garden. Without forgetting the tropicalized crepes suzettes or the very simple but oh so tasty fruit salad. Faithful to our philosophy of working with and for neighboring villages, we favor the purchase of locally produced vegetables and fruits and we cook with healthy water, to protect the health of our guests.


We cook French, Italian and Greek dishes since we are European. We cook Ivorian, Ghanaian and Senegalese dishes since we live on the African continent... And... We mix it all!


Danielle and her team like to create dishes by mixing ideas and influences, products, flavors and textures such as tropicalized tagines with breadfruit or plantains, fufu gnocchi or even the terrine of fish with ginger and, for a sweet note, chocolate crepes (from Ghana, of course, one of the best in the world) and roasted peanuts.

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As one of our hosts (tripadvisor) wrote:

"Staying in Ezile means isolating yourself. It's adding to the calm of a magnificent beach the charm of an authentic place. It's enjoying a cuisine that makes the most of its French roots and local products. Hum, these lobsters in olive oil, these fresh fruit juices, these pancakes with local chocolate, not to mention everything that is homemade, bread, smoked meats, etc."


Like any good self-respecting Frenchman, we cannot live without bread so we make it just like jam and ravioli.


In Ezile, we have a smokehouse that we use to smoke meat and fish, with spices. By the way, do you know the maniguette or wusa, in Fanti?


A little peckish but not very hungry? Many snacks (sandwiches, mixed salads, soups, etc.) are available.



The prices of dishes range, for example, from €3 for a house-smoked chicken sandwich to €12 for Ezile Bay-style Armorican lobsters. We also offer a large choice of dishes from Ghanaian national gastronomy: banku, fufu with kutumré sauce, waakye, omotuhé (crushed rice balls) accompanied by peanut sauce.


Vegetarian dishes are available. If you would like special or diet dishes, do not hesitate to let us know. You can take your meals under the large hut-restaurant or on the beach shaded by large almond trees and coconut trees, by the sea or even try homemade cocktails in our new bar-boutique, with your feet in the sand while contemplating the Bay.

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The 40-seat room can accommodate family, cultural and/or professional meetings (for further information, contact us).

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