Our Accommodations on Ezile Bay Beach

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Ezile Bay is an exceptional site (see Google Earth): a 300 m beach shaded by immense and magnificent almond trees, limited by two rocky points which separate it from the 2 nearby villages to the East and West (Akwidaa and Katakor) which are accessible by trails. The bay is protected by a peninsula which blocks the offshore swell and makes swimming completely safe. A small mangrove, rich in birds and animals, surrounds the 6 hectare land.

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When I say Ezile Bay is a taste of paradise, do you believe me?

A view of Akwidaa, taken from the hill of Ezile Bay, the light is fabulous!

Ezile bay is located in an active palm grove, between dense forest and ocean, villages and rivers, we wanted to insert traditional constructions in the reonal style, in natural materials (bamboo, raffia, wood, coated earth) in the service of comfort (ventilation, toilets) and in a spirit of simplicity.

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All rooms are ventilated and equipped with mosquito nets. The solar system provides electricity. Seaside, the rooms and bungalows are distributed all along the beach in the hollow of the bay.

Baie ezile

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All year

Bungalow on the beach with shower and toilet

32 €/room

Double room (collective bathroom)

28 €/room

Triple room (collective bathroom)


Family room (collective bathroom)






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New: a collective room for 6 people for travelers on a budget and a large collective bathroom and toilet.

Camping is possible (under certain conditions).

For group stays (up to 30 people) or conferences, contact us.

We offer discounts for groups and/or long stays.



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Last edited: 10/05/2024