Ezile Bay

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Les femmes piliers de l’Afrique

Le 15/11/2022

Les femmes piliers de l’Afrique.


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Pano ezilebay 1

Récit en image d’un séjour à Ezile Bay et Akwidaa par Will

Le 11/10/2022

Ezile Bay and Akwidaa (in pictures by Will Navia ), lovely Ghana! @willnavia


Ezile Bay and Akwidaa (in pictures by Will Navia), lovely Ghana!


At Ezile Bay,  @willniava


Recently, Will NaviaKwahme Flex and Alex Wondergem went to Ezile Bay, with a drone as well...
 All the picture are from Will (@willniava).

Playing football at Akwidaa @willniava

Alex is a multimedia artist, realisator and singer. There, his video.

Will is a realisator and a wonderful photographer. He made a wonderful video with Alex and ELi (a ghanaian singer) for Buying our freedom.

This picture are part of the memories of their stay at Ezile Bay and Akwidaa.

Lovely...Thank you guys to share with us your work.

Soon, i will post the video.

See you soon!

Ezile bay ghana by the sky

Ezile Bay vu du ciel

Le 11/10/2022

Ezile bay ghana by the skyUne vue d’ E zile Bay par avion